Nursing Career Pathways

Professional nursing at JPS Health Network delivers comprehensive health care of the highest standard. JPS employs more than 750 RNs and LVNs in more than 40 inpatient and outpatient specialties.

The Nursing Vision is to be recognized as a collaborative and innovative organization that promotes excellence in health care and provides compassionate family-centered care in a respectful and dignified manner by recognizing the unique, culturally diverse health care needs of the individuals and families in Tarrant County. Each JPS nurse strives to achieve clinical excellence in the provision of patient care though a commitment to evidence-based practice utilizing innovative research, education and collaboration.

Nursing Careers

Nurses at JPS have the opportunity to practice in a wide variety of medical specialties. The inpatient setting includes more than 17 patient care units and approximately 9 operating rooms. The outpatient setting includes more than 18 health centers and more than 10 specialty clinics. The delivery care model practiced is primary nursing, which emphasizes family-centered health care, discharge planning, patient teaching, and use of the nursing process.



Emergency/Trauma Nurse
Critical Care Nurse 
Telemetry Nurse 
Dialysis Nurse 
Hematology/Oncology Nurse 
Orthopedics Nurse
Skilled Nursing 
Labor & Delivery Nurse 
Post Partum Nurse 
Newborn Nursery Nurse 
NICU Nurse 
Pediatrics Nurse 
Surgical Services Nurse 
Psychiatric Nurse 
Correctional Health Nurse  

JPS Family Health Centers 
JPS Health Centers for Women
JPS Specialty Clinics 
JPS Dental Clinics 
JPS Psychiatry 
JPS Surgical Services 
JPS School Based Health Centers

Nursing Student 
Project LINC  

Nursing Philosophy

We, the nursing staff of JPS:

  • Believe that safe patient care takes priority over all other area activities.
  • Recognize the uniqueness and cultural diversity of each JPS patient and respect, protect and advocate for the individual's right to self-expression, self-determination, confidentiality and dignity.
  • Practice in a health care network that promotes a teaching and learning environment for all employees and supports participation in professional and medical organizations and area-wide community activities in Fort Worth and all Tarrant County.
  • Accept professional accountability to patients, families, the community and JPS Health Network.
  • Serve best through collaboration and communication with other medical professionals who join with us in treating and advocating for those in need. The results are excellent outcomes through strong, proactive leadership.
  • Commit ourselves to support, acknowledge and nurture one another, thereby creating an environment of mutual respect and caring.
  • Promote the involvement of JPS patients and family in decisions and education regarding the patient's condition and care plan.